About Us

Who We Are

Walker Property Buyers is a family owned real estate company located in Gainesville, VA.  We’re about 45 minutes west outside of DC.  We provide a variety of services to homeowners and other real estate investors in the area.  For homeowners looking to get rid of their properties fast, we have the solution to purchase your property “as is” with cash.  We strive to help you get rid of that property you no longer want, put cash in your pocket, so you can move on with life.

No need to do any work on the property, we’ll take care of all that for you.  The property will be purchased at an agreeable we feel is fair for us and you as the property owner.  So if you’re in a tight spot and need to sell your property without all the hassle of getting a real estate agent, or putting any money into the property, consider giving us a call.  We’ll be more than willing to help!

We team up with other investors to either pass on great deals to them (wholesaling), or possible collaborations to invest together (syndication). Other strategies of course that we implement as investors are rehabs (fix and flips), and buy and hold to build our long term portfolio.

We’re always coming across great deals, so consider potentially partnering with us!

If you feel we can be of value to you and would like to sell your house (or land) today, contact us at 571-364-9661.  Or fill out your information on our home page.